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Wer seine Erinnerungen an Heiner Michael Becker mit uns teilen möchte, kann sie hier auf der Diskussions-Seite veröffentlichen. Wir übernehmen dann die Texte hier auf die Heiner Michael Becker Gedenkseite.

Falls jemand Probleme mit dem Schreiben auf der Diskussions-Seite haben sollte, der kann uns seinen Text und gerne auch Fotos zur Veröffentlichung auf der Gedenkseite per E-Mail schicken an: redaktion@dadaweb.de.

Jochen Schmück
Redaktion DadAWeb.de

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The historian Heiner M. Becker (1951-2017)

Heiner Michael Becker is dead

Dear friend!

We have sad news for you: On April 4, 2017, our friend and companion, Heiner Michael Becker (born July 15, 1951) died unexpectedly at the age of 65 on the consequences of cerebral haemorrhage.

Since the end of the 1970s Heiner M. Becker has been intensively studying the history of international anarchism as a historian, collector and archivist, as well as an associate of the International Institute for Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam. As an author and publisher of the publishing house “Bibliothek Thélème” he has initiated and supported numerous research and publication projects on the historiography of international anarchism.

His death is a great loss for the international research on anarchism.

We have set up a memorial page for the Heiner Michael Becker in the DadA-Memorial on the homepage of the DadAWeb.de (a German platform for the research on anarchy and anarchism). If you want to share your memories of Heiner Michael Becker with us, you can publish them here on the discussion page. We then take over the texts on the Heiner Michael Becker memorial page. If you encounter problems with the writing on the discussion page, you can send us your text and gladly also photos for publication on the memorial page by e-mail to: redaktion@dadaweb.de.

With sad greetings

Jochen Schmück
Project coordination
DadAWeb.de & Lexikon der Anarchie

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